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are talking about obamacare three years later. dagen: healthcare costs is one reason companies are not hiring permanent full-time workers. by 2020, 40% of us will be working as freelancers. connell: a cyber threat for small u.s. businesses. just how dire the situation is. dagen: march madness. total madness. harvard ousting new mexico last night. love it. it is crazy. those stories and so much more coming up on markets now. ♪ connell: all right. let's do this. no basketball to watch yet. the stocks now every 15 minutes. nicole petallides. good morning. nicole: we have a market that is higher today across the board. not focusing too much on europe today at the moment. taking off and going back to what it has been used to which is plenty of up aeros. sitting at 14,000, almost 14,500. we are also seeing a majority of the dow component in the green. hewlett-packard and disney are the best of the bunch. on the downside, united healthcare is the loser of the day. we are watching names that came out with their quarterly numbers. we will continue to watch what happens in cyprus. dagen: thank you, n
obama. the healthcare loss would increase his cause by 150%. now he says the president plan to waive the minimum wage would cause employers to create fewer jobs. so glad to see you. we took a bunch of polls here at fox. we seem to know what is going on at home. >> they looked really good. it is good to be here. thank you. we have 68% of the people who believe that that is an immediate problem. i think only 27% agreed with that. a vast majority of people are very nervous about the economy. you have the majority of people who thought the sequester was a good thing. i do not think the obama people expected that. i think that really shows a lot more understanding of what is going on in the economy. the american people get it. we cannot borrow our way to prosperity. tracy: recently on yoko munoz show, you said if you cannot -- i guess you should not be running the country. >> i think people see that. when you have these ridiculous expenditures out there, a lot of stations have been going through ridiculous ones. you are really trying to make a political point. you are not trying to solve
occurs. united healthcare, walmart and hewlett-packard -- connell: we will talk in a moment about the halting of these banks. the thinking was it would stop -@the nation to be the first to leave the euro zone. dagen: we are live in cyprus with more. rich. rich: a sense of relief this morning. still a sense of resentment and concern. let's go over some of the details. it is a 10 million bailout infusion. deposits of 100,000 euros or less remain untouched. the second largest bank in this country will be wound down. it's employees will be gone. where the red assets are going to the bank of cyprus. the government spending cuts will have to come along with tax increases. this deal still hurts. >> i do not think there is any denying that the cyprus people will have to go through tough times and will suffer the consequences. we had to adjust over relatively a short period of time. rich: now the question is what does this mean for the rest of the euro zone? this, the bailout should be a template for the rest of europe and banks should be reduced. back to you. connell: rich edson lives in
the country. cheryl: why not. companies have to control healthcare costs. >> you do not do that by punishing people and taking money away from their tables. $600 a month is a lot of money. fifty dollars is a gas tank for some people. this is not the way to do it. cheryl: they are dealing with higher costs. the alternative is to not provide health insurance to employees at all. that is where all of this is going. >> i do not have problems with policies limiting the number of procedures that you get. i don't have problems with limiting the number of elective things like plastic surgery. i have no problem with employers harassing people to lose weight and stop smoking. cheryl: diabetes, heart conditions, that is expensive. >> it will change nothing. people will still have their problems. people will still be overweight. it will not change anything. what happened from two years from now. now i am the owner of this company. i have all of these profiles. i know mary and bob are overweight. do i want to keep them? cheryl: there is a third-party company that will keep the records separate. eventuall
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4